contemporary jazz

Anne Hartkamp – vocals
Philipp van Endert – guitar

A duo unlike any other: Magnolia's music derives its distinctive charm from the consequence of the two musicians' interaction, surpassing by far that which one usually expects from a duo of vocals and guitar. Both musicians lead and follow, excel as soloists or accompanists, involved, lively, daring, expressive in the most delightful way, whether in their improvised solo or duo flights or in their song renditions.
Hartkamp and van Endert have been playing together for years, honing their somnambulistic intuition for each other's musical impulses. Combined with the two musician's well-known individual qualities, the result is sheer magic: intimacy, ardent expressiveness, passionate virtuosity. Profundity. Wit.

In spring, 2012, the two have returned to the studio for their second album which will be released on 12 October, titled "Wait A Second".
Their music has evolved: unlike before, the new repertoire consists mainly of original compositions, in parts endued with Hartkamp's typical intelligent, playful lyrics, and supplemented with just a few compositions of other Brazilian, respectively jazz musicians.

Live on stage as well as on the recordings, the duo's sonic palette is expanded by the finely balanced use of effects and loop stations, thus affording Hartkamp and van Endert even more space for their hallmark - the ever new, captivating, enchanting, inspired dialogue.

Philipp van Endert (g) is one of the important voices on today's modern jazz scene. His energetic and lyrical playing is highly esteemed by his fellow musicians and has brought him together with jazz greats like Mike Stern, Danny Gottlieb, Kenny Wheeler, Rick Margitza, etc. He teaches jazz guitar as an assistant professor at Robert-Schumann-Hochschule, Düsseldorf.