further musical ventures of / featuring Anne Hartkamp:


songs in German language

The scope already of Anne Hartkamp’s voice is exceptional and appealing: fragile and subtly beguiling, fervently intensive or just telling a story in the most relaxed fashion, her style is, at times, straightforward and direct, then again unshackled and playful -  she sings her way straight into her audience’s hearts.
A highly original, sophisticated kind of music which is rooted in song and chanson and reminiscent of pop as well as jazz is crafted virtuosically by the two excellent musicians: Bernd Kaftan on keys and André Nendza on bass provide hand-made music and inspired teamwork.
The German language becomes transparent and lithe in hartkamp’s lyrics, telling mischievously or sensitively of matters tangible or ethereal, of pleasures or of the daily grind, of dreams, of time.
The whole, even greater than the sum of its parts, is sparklingly alive, fascinating, fresh.

hartkamp exists since 2001.      CDs released, so far:
„hartkamp“, 2002 (CRECYCLE MUSIC 06)
„glücklich“, 2005 (JARO 4254 -2)
If you read German, see the book on women in German popular music: „Wir sind jetzt! Frontfrauen im deutschen Pop“, Schott Verlag, 2007

Until 2007, in addition to Anne Hartkamp, Bernd Kaftan (p) and André Nendza (b), the great drummer Fritz Wittek was part of hartkamp. Since that time, the band performs as a trio, without drums.

voice, solo

Anne Hartkamp is a singer, a lyricist, a musician: jazz, songs, original compositions, original poetry.
In her solo for voice, she explores the vocal universe, fathoming sounds and tones, inventing languages and melodies in order to tell poetical stories: 
vocal and emotional snap-shots that may be frisky or passionate, way-out or just breathtaking. Characters, dialogues, thoughts and emotions are evoked in the audience’s imagination.
Sonic shapes emerge and pass, minimalist songs or opulent sound paintings,
composed and improvised in the atmospheric context of this particular space and this specific evening.

Performances e.g.  19. KunstTage Rhein-Erft (art exhibition), Abtei Brauweiler
„Raum auf Zeit“ vernissage, Frankfurt am Main
„Stop and Go“ art exhibition, interior of Deutzer Brücke (Rhine river bridge),    Cologne
WordAid Festival, Cologne

Anne Hartkamp as a sidewoman or guest:

Brigitte Angerhausen
Beyond The Border

Brigitte Angerhausen, musician, recording engineer and music producer, living in Cologne, is an exception on the German music scene.
Firstly, for many years Angerhausen has assisted both German and international greats from a wide range of musical styles in recording and producing their own music – but even more than that, as a pianist and composer she herself gives concerts, i.a. in the trio, Puente, which merges improvisatory elements with those from both world and classical music.
This style has, on Brigitte Angerhausen’s own debut CD „Beyond The Border“ (to be released on Westpark Musik in May, 2010), been refined and developed further. Thus, here it appears even more clearly defined, even more magical, more distinct – Angerhausen’s compositions and her arrangements, her expressive piano playing as well as her musicians’ inspired improvisations unfold a magic of their own and great emotional depth.
Brigitte Angerhausen – p, comp
Anne Hartkamp – voc, lyrics
Frank Sackenheim – ss, ts, bcl
Gunther Tiedemann – cello
Markus Tiedemann – g
André Nendza – b
Christoph Hillmann – dr

Ulla Oster
"When We Are Kings"

studio recordings in autumn 2011
As a bass player and composer, Ulla Oster has, over the years, put together a variety of projects in small and large ensembles, always looking for challenges and contemporary forms of expression.
With "When We Are Kings", she turns to the singers: they tell of kings and queens, visions of greatness and significance. Associations, quotations, lyrics, song remakes and vocal collages are incorporated into complex musical surroundings, supported and enriched by an adventurous, grooving band.
Julia Zipprick, Anne Hartkamp, Tobias Gensheimer, Bernd Kaftan – voc, Christian Winninghoff – Tp/Flh, Oliver Maas – p/kb, Christian Thomé – dr, Ulla Oster – b, comp.
and guests

commissioned works

Anne Hartkamp as lyricist and arranger

Anne Hartkamp also writes lyrics for other musician’s compositions, for instance:
Markus Burger – Evening Prayer         
André Nendza – My Name Is Rose
              Before Sunrise
              Away From Here
              About Love
              Rise                       (on Nendza’s CD „Spectacles“, 2009)
Brigitte Angerhausen – (Laugh) Until We Cry  
       Homecoming            (CD „Beyond The Border, 2010)
Christoph Hillmann - Samba fuer Sachsendorf-Madlow

- as well as  arrangements, e.g. choral arrangements of tunes by the „Pee Wee Bluesgang“ for the concert in August, 2009 in Balver Höhle.