„... listening to Anne Hartkamp sing, abandoning yourself to her multifarious voice, you gain a certain lightness of being... Hartkamp’s voice breathes, melts, seduces, provokes and entertains... The listeners sit up straight, not wanting to miss one single note..." (Rheinische Post newspaper)

Singer and vocalist Anne Hartkamp, a long-time „constant“ (according to German Jazz magazine, Jazzpodium) of the German jazz scene, is known for her intense, multifaceted and artistically independent ways. Playfully and effortlessly, she uses her expressive voice to create those magically touching moments as well as those that sparkle and electrify, captivating her audiences with her great stage presence while, at the same time, winning them over with the complexity and originality of both her compositions and lyrics.
She grew up between the cities of Essen and Dusseldorf and seemed to be predestined for an academic career – as a highly gifted child, she was an early school starter and, later on, sponsored by the German National Academic Foundation - , but even so, for Anne Hartkamp, music was stronger. Consequently, she took up a university study of classical singing in Vienna, Austria, which she soon exchanged, however, for studies of  German literature and musicology in Bonn - plus an autodidactic approach to jazz, her first bands, nights at her electric piano and countless jam sessions. Finally, she went to the Dutch „Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten“ to study jazz vocals (with Deborah Brown, Humphrey Campbell, Erik van Lier and others).

"...things unheard... emotional images, impressions of conditions that get to you... inner landscapes...“ (Ingeborg Drews, lyric poet, in „Jazzpodium“)

Anne Hartkamp, curious and versatile, proceeded to become an active and sought-after singer, composer, lyricist and arranger, both with her own groups and as a featured guest or doing commissioned arrangements. Ever since the completion of her degree, she has been living in Cologne, Germany, and has worked with numerous namable Jazz musicians, the likes of Gunter Hampel, Marion Brown, Lajos Dudas, Jerry van Rooyen, Perry Robinson, just to name a few.

"...lining lyrics with irony, uncovering their iridescence; bundling cascades of syllables into fast-paced improvisations, causing lyrical melodies to scintillate softly...“ (BR radio)

In the early 1990ies, she co-founded the a cappella group, HAREM 4, who subsequently toured extensively in Germany and abroad. After the ensemble’s breakup in 2001, she remembered her early love for German songs and lyrics and set up her Band „hartkamp“ (with Bernd Kaftan, p, André Nendza, b, and Fritz Wittek, dr) with whom she published 2 CDs to date. In this context, she was awarded sponsorship by the Landesmusikrat NRW, the state’s music promotion organisation, and was included (in 2007) in a book on contemporary German pop music.

"...bliss is traceable, at least for the duration of a concert, the audience at Anne Hartkamp’s concert felt...“ (Kölnische Rundschau newspaper)

At the same time, she remains rooted and active in Jazz: since 2005, Hartkamp has been working intensely with Dusseldorf-based guitarist Philipp van Endert; under their name of „Magnolia & van Endert“ duo, they have presented their first CD, „Humpty’s Amazing Boogie Pencil“ in 2007 to nationwide acclaim; the band name now shortened to "Magnolia", their second album, "Wait A Second", will be released in September, 2012.

"...terrific and bold, Anne Hartkamp’s intense interpretation... with an unimagined impact on the listener: hair stands on end, goosepimples appear and the administration of oxygen to the brain increases... “ (dpa, deutsche presse agentur)

Her latest venture is the Anne Hartkamp Quartet/Quintet, featuring Thomas Rückert - p, André Nendza - b and Oliver Rehmann – dr plus, in the Quintet version, Frank Delle - ts,ss, bcl,: a top-class ensemble with Anne Hartkamp’s compositions serving as a platform for a prodigiously vital, inspired, and inspiring variety of contemporary jazz. The AHQ’s debut CD „momentum“ (with Claudius Valk on reeds) has been released on April 30, 2010, on JAZZsick records.
In the fall of 2012, the band will record their second album.

Since 2010, Anne Hartkamp has been teaching aspiring professional jazz singers at the Institut fuer Musik of the Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences.

„...For scat singing, that vocal art of juggling syllables, the biblical saying is true: ‚Many are called but few are chosen’. If, at present, there are any chosen ones, Anne Hartkamp (Magnolia) by all means is one of them.“ (Mojo Mendiola)

Concerts, Festivals... (among others):
WDR Stadtmusik
Festival of Eastern Belgium
Voices festival Augsburg
"Bardentreffen" Nuremberg
Jazz & More Festival Worms
Neubrandenburg Jazz Spring
WDR Jazzforum
WDR radio portrait 2002
International New Jazz Festival Moers
Jazzmeeting Wittlich
"Festival der Stimmen" Pfullendorf
Ladies’ Night Basel
POPKomm Cologne
Vokal Total Munich
Fest der Lieder Bremen
MusikTriennale Cologne
Night of Voices, Mannheim
Eldena Jazzevenings
Jazz & Groove Nights Dresden
Unterfahrt Festival Munich
Schauspiel (City Theater) Cologne
Leverkusener Jazztage
Jazz by the Danube, Passau
winterjazz, Cologne

Co-operation with (among others):
Gunter Hampel
Marion Brown
Perry Robinson
Nils Wogram
Erwin Lehn & SDR Bigband
Axel Dörner
Thomas Heberer
Frédéric Rabold Crew
Jerry van Rooyen & WDR Big Band
Billy Myer
Frank Köllges
Michael Heupel
Matthias Schubert
Markus Burger
„Ritter Rost“ / Felix Janosa
Hans-Ulrich Werner
Bernhard König
Children’s movie „Brave little toaster“ (German version)
Dominik Böhringer
Christian Weidner
Lajos Dudas
Richard Wester
Angelika Niescier
Ulla Oster
Manfred Schoof
Hugo Read
Hans Dekker
Frank Haunschild
John Goldsby