Anne Hartkamp Quartet/Quintet
Jazz vocalist Anne Hartkamp introduces her quartet/quintet, her original compositions making up a large part of the repertoire - nimbly virtuosic melodies, intricate counterpoints, hypnotic bass ostinatos, translucent ballads, offering plenty of space for interaction, for spur-of-the-moment communication. The vocals operate at times in the traditional „singer“’s role, then again more on the instrumental side, in dialogue with the band: Thomas Rückert, piano, André Nendza, bass, and Oliver Rehmann, drums plus, in the Quintet, Frank Delle, reeds, are all excellent soloists while at the same time masters of interplay, thus creating a relaxedly contemporary, intense, buoyant, and intoxicating kind of music, full of surprises.
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Anne Hartkamp's captivating duo with Philipp van Endert (guitar) allows for adventure as well as for lyricism, for pensiveness as well as for sheer fun, all in a casually virtuoso way and characterized by the two musicians’ interaction; sometimes one accompanies, sometimes the other – racy improvisations, freely evolving melodies, heartfelt ballads, and time and again unimagined turns and twists. Highly intense, with exuberant joy of playing; and live on stage, simply irresistible.
Video "Khilebor" (from the recording session for the new album, "wait a second")
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Further musical ventures
Anne Hartkamp is involved in several further projects – partly as a guest soloist,  some of them are her own, like her band hartkamp, and in addition, she does commissioned work as a lyricist or as an arranger.
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